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Tips to Make Your Visit More Efficient

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

You can cut down wait-times on the phone or in the doctor's office with these tips:

1. Book your appointments online at

MyHealthAccess allows our patients to book and cancel their appointments. Please also indicate the reason(s) for your visit during your booking.

2. Make a list of problems you want to discuss with your doctor beforehand.

Your physician will review your list together with you, and address as many as possible within the appointment time. However, if the concern is too complex to address in one visit, please be prepared to return for a follow-up appointment.

3. Check in with the self-service kiosk.

A self check-in kiosk will be in the waiting room from February 2020.

4. Inform the office assistant of any forms you need completed at check-in.

Uninsured forms should be paid for before being completed by the doctor. We currently only accept cash or cheque for payment.

5. Book follow-up appointments online or using the office self-service kiosk.

This enables our office staff to devote themselves to better medical service during your visit, including taking your vital signs, running tests, or requesting urgent consults for you. Please note that you will need a MyHealthAccess account, which can be set up here or at the office kiosk.

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